SHE Brings Us $PRTCLE#

$PRTCLE at its core, operates primarily as Shenanigan's governance token. However, its functionality extends far beyond just that. $PRTCLE can be used to support athletes, generate NFT rarity, accrue Defi Rewards, and provide exposure to the entire network of athletes that use Shenanigan. SHE believes in rewarding those who work hard. $PRTCLE is 100% community driven and has never relied on VC funding or promotions such as ICO's or airdrops.


SHE has chosen to mint 20,000 $PRTCLE per week and distributes them proportionally to the entire community. Instead of relying on an ICO or arbitrary airdrop list, SHE utilizes SourceCred to track and monitor community members’ contribution as a method of ensuring that those who earn $PRTCLE are the ones who care the most about the project.

As the platform grows, that same 20,000 will remain fixed while being distributed among an ever-increasing userbase. This method of token creation was used as a way to increase the scarcity of the Token. When demand for $PRTCLE exceeds its current weekly minting amount a proposal can always be submitted to either increase the weekly supply or decrease it further increasing the scarcity!


Dathletes, developers, artists, community leaders, social media unicorns and SHE herself are all rewarded in $PRTCLE each week for their dedication to changing how dathletes monetize themselves and fans interact with their favorite dathletes. Shenanigan uses sourceCred, a tool for communities to measure and reward the creation of valuable content. SHE uses it to track contribution data from the following:


SHE uses source cred to track one's involvement in the discord community. Post that get positive reactions are a great way to earn cred. Here are a few others as well:

  • Helping design POAP's for the weekly meetings
  • Assisting new comers with questions
  • Shilling SHE's Social Media content and posting you did it
  • Taking notes during the weekly calls and so many more..

Github PR's#

SHE offers rewards to anyone who is able to tackle some of the issues on github. Completing an issue and getting a successful PR is a great way to earn cred. SHE is in need developers and if you find something missing from the DOCS feel free to submit the PR request and earn in the process.

SHE's mobile app.#

SHE will be integrating sourceCred into the mobile app. This will allow both iOns and Particles to be tracked on their involvement as well. iOns will be tracked based on how many live challenge streams they are completing. While Particles will be tracked based on how frequently they are present at these livestreams and voting on the out come of the iOns performance. While iOns will earn cred based on the frequency of streaming and the outcome of their challenges.

As you can see all based on your willingness to grow, your creations, contributions to the protocol small or large and community involvement can pay off. Whether you have skills as a developer, artist, marketer or have great people skills there's enough "Cred" to go around. Every week the data is pulled and based on the amount of cred you have earned will determine the amount of $PRTCLE one will receive.

Token Buyback#

SHE believes in reinvesting in herself just as she encourages you to do. So SHE has decided to perform routine buybacks of $PRTCLE. With the revenue the SHE earns from all live streams and nft sells, a portion will be taken to complete buy backs of $PRTCLE and then provide liquidity. This will ensure there is always liquidity in the bank!