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Welcome to the Official Shenanigan Wiki#

SHE welcomes you to a central point of knowledge for everything Shenanigan (SHE), maintained and updated by SHE's hard working community and core-team!

New to Shenanigan? No worries we were all new once, just head to SHE's About page for a look into SHE's Universe. If you're more hands on or just wanna jump right in, join our Discord and interact without SHE's ever growing and amazing community! Dathlete, Fan or contributor SHE has a whole group of individuals ready welcome you and help show you the ropes!

Informational Pages#

  • About -- Introduction to SHE's Universe.
  • FAQ -- A simple faq (frequently asked questions) page pertaining to all things SHE.
  • Glossary -- Quick overview of SHE specific terms to help you understand her lingo.

$PRTCLE Token Pages#

  • Tokenomics -- Learn all about SHE's Governance Token known as $PRTCLE.
  • SHE's NFT -- Dive into the NTF's SHE has to offer to the defi world!
  • Livestream -- Learn about all about SHE livestreams similar to but better!

Technical Pages#

  • Contribution Guide -- A place detailing how you can help SHE and all the dathletes and fans around the world!
  • Pink Paper -- A technical break down of how SHE works.
  • Team -- See who help's build SHE's universe which monetizes dathletes all around the world!

Don't waste anytime dive in and start earning cred right away! SHE and the community happily await you.