$NRG Packs are an ERC 998 Standard collectable that represent a video ledger containing chronological attempts to complete their challenges. $NRG Packs would be minted any time a dathlete is about to challenge and push themselves to their very limit. A few reasons a dathlete would mint a new $NRG Pack would be:

  • Learning a new skill. Example: Learn a kickflip
  • Competing in a tournament. Example: Competing in Jiu Jitsu tournament
  • Breaking a world record
  • Challenging an opponent to a duel⚔️

Once the $NRG Pack is minted dathletes will be able charge these packs increasing their rarity and market value. To charge an $NRG Packs the dathlete lock up matter cards or lock up their respective fan tokens.

For all you athletes out there, $NRG Cards will turn you into supercharged, goal oriented, APY farming powerhouse. Officially turning you into a dathlete!


Since $NRG Cards are ERC 998 they allow for batch trading. In a single transaction, an owner can send the NRG Card and all of its underlying assets as a collective unit. NRG Cards are a collection of separate assets but carry a higher trading value when left combined. Batch Trading will allow you to transfer all the assets as a whole without being forced to separate each asset separately saving you in transaction fees!


When a dathlete chooses to step up and challenge themselves they will be able to create a challenge for themselves also minting the $NRG Pack. All attempts at the challenge will be recorded and saved into a collectable known as Matter card. Matter cards contain the video footage of the dathlete attempting their challenge. Pass or fail the matter card is minted so they can be locked into and charge their respective $NRG Pack. Dathletes and fans can take the matter they collect and use it to power up their $NRG Pack.

Fan Token#

A FAN Token is a colloquial name for an athletes personal token minted from the Shenanigan DApp. If Lebron James had a FAN Token it would most likely be called Lebron James Token ($LBJ) FAN tokens are ERC20 compatible tokens that will give Dathletes brands exposure to crypto markets. A big risk personal tokens like these face is a high chance of a rug pull. But don't worry SHE'S got that covered. Fan Tokens power SHE-De-Fi, Shenanigan’s DeFi components. By using elements of DeFi Shenanigan turns FAN Tokens into a fair launch, compounding investment token. There are 2 ways to mint more FAN Tokens and that is:

  • NRG Card's & Staking
  • Dathlete's Earnings & Goal allignment. These Fan Tokens can be staked in their respective $NRG Pack to earn yield on their Fan Tokens! It pays to invest into your Favorite Dathlete!

The rug pull problem#

Rug pulls are a big problem with personal tokens. If millions are invested into a personal token, there is nothing stopping the owner of the token from taking the millions and running, aside from good faith. How does Shenanigan solve the rug pull problem? It’s simple, FAN Tokens can only be minted if they are earned. Enter SHE-De-Fi.


Did you miss your favorite Dathletes new $NRG Pack or did you fail to collect one of their Matter Cards or did you stubble across a new dathlete and wanna collect some of their historic growth? Then SHE's market place is the place for you! Along side SHE's incredible mobile platform and live-streaming services SHE has provided her Dathletes and Fans a place where they can go and Buy, Sell or trade their rare NFT collectables!