SHE welcomes everyone to join in and watch all the shenanigans that will be taking place daily. On the SHE Mobile App there will be live streams of Dathletes pushing themselves to their limits to better their craft on a daily basis. These streamers are referred to as iOns and are rewarded for stepping up to the challenge. There are tons of Defi rewards to be earned Dathlete or Fan!


iOns will have a chance to earn rewards by completing tasks live on stream ranging from cread to donations provided to them by Particles. iOns will be given a chance to interact with their fans creating once in a lifetime memories that the Particle will have a chance to own. All iOns will need to pay a small fee to SHE for streaming knowing as a stream tax. The cost of this fee is still pending decision by a DAO vote and will be updated once finalized!


Every time a Dathlete decides to step up and challenge themselves their Fan Club is given to place a bet on this challenge. Just as iOns are streamers, those who chose to place a prediction are referred to as Particles. When a Particle correctly predicts the outcome of a iOn's challenge they are given to early access to purchase the Dathletes NFT from the Market place. Both the iOn and Particle having a chance to earn a little bit off cred in the process.


To ensure accurate data on out challenge outcomes and to prevent any form of gamification, SHE will use a fair method of governance known as “quadratic voting.” This will also help prevent whales from gamifying the system with the future planned live betting system that will level up both our iOns and our Particles


When a Dathlete decides to create a challenge their fanbase is notified and given the chance to not only place a prediction on the overall outcome they are also given the chance to donate to the dathlete. If a dathlete is successful in completing their challenge they are rewarded 100% of their donations minus their streaming fee. If the Dathlete fails their challenge their donations are put into an escrow account until they are able to successful complete the challenge. Fans at any point have the right to take their donations back if the Dathlete is repeatedly unsuccessful or proves to be inconsistent on showing up. This puts the entire earning power back into the Dathletes hands, no agents or middle man to interfere with their finances. With just a dream, some heart and a mobile phone success is only a challenge away!


SHE has very interesting things planned for the future of all iOn's and Particles. As the user base grows and Shenanigans popularity takes off SHE is working on allowing a live betting system. This will further level up the Dathlete and Fans earning potential while further growing their strength and connection with one another!