Fan = "A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing.โ€

We all have that one professional athlete we idolize and follow either because of the love for the game or you find a little bit of yourself in them. Regardless of why you idolize them ask yourself, "what would I do to meet my favorite athlete?" How incredible would it be to be able to directly interact with and receive specialized content from them? Imagine the feeling of having your favorite athlete call out your name right before landing a perfect dive. Then having that video moment attached to a digital collectible card forever! With SHE all this is possible! Shenanigan encourages supporting your favorite dathletes through donations! It gives dathletes the chance to pursue their dreams and fans the chance to earn, while helping and interacting on a more personal level! Shenanigan provides each fan with the web3 instruments necessary to achieve this. Now get out there and grow with your dathletes, or better yet maybe its time to chase your own dreams and become you're very own Dathlete!


SHE has seamlessly merged web 3 and easy to use UI enter the "Shenanigan Mobile App". Users can download the app available via Android and iPhone app stores. Once downloaded the user will register for a fan account, after getting registered as a fan user's search for their favorite athlete and once found, they can join the athlete's fan club. Fan clubs is where all the fun happens and once joined users can interact with the community and their favorite athletes! The more a user interacts with their athletes of choice and their fan club's the higher the chance of earning rewards. Like finding rare digital $NRG Packs as well as their corresponding attachable Matter cards!


SHE generates a community where fans can interact like never before and directly donate to the success of their favorite dathletes while watching their progress and collecting rare collectibles along the way! By donating to one's favorite dathletes, fans will be rewarded with first call to limited digital trading card NFT's! Fans can earn "Fan Tokens", by simply holding their favorite athletes trading card.

inspired by baseball cards, fans will be given the opportunity to collect NRG Packs that will track unique stats and attributes that belong to the dathlete. These stats will help you follow the progress and changes in your dathlete. As the athletes complete more challenges, we'll update your NRG pack to reflect those stats. Be more than just a follower, be a part of the game, specifically the dathlete's coach. As an owner of an dathlete's card you will want to see constant improvement!

Collect, trade and invest in your favorite dathletes. Their success is your success!