Athlete - from the Greek origin “One who competes with effort for a prize.”

Dathlete - An individual who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise & uses the power of web 3.0 and blockchain technology. Defi + Athlete = Dathlete.

Now that you know the definition of an athlete, and a dathlete internalize it, and ask yourself, why do many athletes not have the opportunity to get that award? Why do so many athletes go unrewarded for their talent and dedication to their sport? Are the opportunities not the same for everyone? Are only some of them talented enough? Is it for some the effort is not proportional to their prize? Shenanigan encourages going further and never giving up. It gives athletes the chance to pursue their dreams and claim their prize! Shenanigan provides each athlete with the web3 instruments necessary to achieve this, it's your time! It's your career! It’s your life go get it!


With the simple app UI SHE has set things up so its as easy as possible for athletes to jump right into the world of WEB 3.0. SHE's Dathletes download the Shenanigan mobile app and register for an dathlete account. Once registered as an athlete the user will interact with the simple to use interface, quickly fill in the relevant information to start with a challenge. Below is a quick example of the challenge questionnaire.


  1. What sport do you play?
  • Track and Field
  1. What specific category of sport?
  • Medium distance running - 1500m
  1. Add a title for your challenge
  • Run 1500m in less than 5 minutes

Create a description of the challenge you are about to attempt

  • I want to run 1500m in less than 5 minutes

After completing this information that will be the initial date of the athletes challenge, SHE mints the rare digital collectible known as an NRG Pack, along with its respective FAN Tokens and FAN CLUB. As the athlete attempts to complete these challenges they must livestream proof to the Shenanigan app where all the app users can vote on whether or not the athlete completed the challenge.


Shenanigan generates a community where athletes can monetize their succues by receiving direct donations from their asspiring fan base from all over the world. No Agent, No middle man just their smart phone and a dream! Once an dathlete is able to overcome adversity and complete their challenge they are rewarded with their donations and NFT's.

Inspired by baseball cards, Dathletes will be able to mint NFT collectables for their fans. Dathletes will be able to interact with their fan base like never before allowing fans to stay connected like never before. Followers become more than just followers, they feel like part of the game, specifically the dathlete's game. Dathletes will want to push themselves to continuously grow, as the owners of a dathlete card will want to see constant improvement.

Donations, live challenges and card exchanges make up the total reward the dathlete can earn by simply challenging themselves in the sport they love the most!

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” - Confucius