Since the inception of Shenanigan in June 2019, a lot has happened and should be recapped so everyone can see that we started from the bottom but now we are here! Originally just an idea by Shenanigan Tech LLC's CEO Victor has since grown into a community with over 900+ members ready to take athletics to a whole new level! Shenanigan is currently being built on Ethereum's side chain option known as xDai. SHE and the team have continued to keep an eye on the development and growth of Ethereum as more layer 2 and sidechains options become more available to ensure SHE is providing the fastest and most secure platform for Dathletes and fans alike.


For the first 2 years of Shenanigans life Aragon was the platform of choice to create and maintain SHE's DAO. SHE is thankful for all the help Aragon played in ensuring SHE's success up to the point of parting ways. SHE believes in the future being completely open source and community driven, with this all proposals and voting was conducted through the Aragon platform. Unfortunately it grew very difficult to get votes to pass due to a small community at the time and the majority of tokens being held by non voters such as liquidity providers.


SHE has changed a lot since inception and is working to become a name in the future of athletic development. Just as Agents are known today, SHE, her DAO and fan clubs are going to be known and the future for athletic monetary prosperity. With a Migration of the DAO elsewhere to a whole new Protocol being developed to help guide SHE down a fully open source and decentralized path.


SHEip short for SHE Improvement Proposals are standards for improving the Shenanigan platform, including core development updates, community organization, design standards, DAO operations, and written documentation. As a result, SHEiPs empower SHE to mature as an open source project and community. Here are just a few examples of when Shenanigan could use the SHEip process.

  • To define an explicit proposal process for Shenanigan improvements
  • To make it easy for community members to contribute to the development of the DAO
  • To encourage well thought out, high value discussion about growing SHE
  • To provide a way to discover implementation standards accepted by the community
  • To provide a vehicle for community discussion around important topics

SHEip Proposal Steps#

There are a few simple steps to creating and submitting your SHEip to the DAO and community. The following steps would be:

  1. Propose a new idea
  2. Complete your draft
  3. Enter last call for community feedback
  4. Submit a pull request
  5. Get your SHEiP finalized

SHEip is going to play a huge role in the future growth and development of SHE so keep your eyes out for a whole WIKI page on this revolutionary proposal system!


Due to the complications of getting votes passed while on Aragon SHE did some research and found the wonderful team over at DAOHAUS that gave SHE a solution to the previous problem. DAOHAUS the new home for SHE DAO has welcomed us with open arms thankfully so. How does DAOHAUS fix our problems one might ask? Well DAOHAUS gives the ability to adjust the quorum before voting starts. So if SHE see's on regular only 15 voters than SHE can adjust the minimum amount of individuals required to participate. DAOHAUS Doesn't allow us to vote using PRTCLE the native token for SHE and thats where Snapshot comes into play.


SNAPSHOT is the 2nd half of the SHEDAO Governance process. Since DAOHAUS Doesn't allow SHE users to vote using their $PRTCLE Snapshot steps up to the plate to take a swing, and whatcha know smacks it right out of the park! Any time a new proposal is brought up and submitted it is done on the Snapshot platform. Allowing all $PRTCLE HODLERS weather earned by help SHE or purchased to participate in the voting Process. You're voice and opinion matters so get out there and help make a change!