SHE envision's a gamified form of social media on web3 that enables athletes to harness their best monetary asset -- themselves.


Arisen from the ether, motivated by the oppressed and forgotten, Shenanigan(SHE) was born out of the love that athletes feel for their sport. SHE was built by dathletes for athletes to bring a different perspective to your everyday life. SHE has been formed to bring a new world to dathletes and their fans all around the world. Their cries for better opportunities will not go unheard, SHE responds to blood, sweat and tears. Her reason for being here is to reward those who give back to the ones who think they have been forgotten. SHE sees everything and remembers each dathletes attempt at their craft and fan's attempts to motivate their favorite dathlete.


SHE is revolutionizing the way athletes and their fans use social media. By providing a competitive and motivating platform for dathletes of all types utilizing fiscal incentives to drive personal improvement. While providing fans a safe and fun place to interact with their favorite dathletes and similar like minded fans.

With she's Mobile app Dathletes and fans will be support one another from all around the world. To be successful one must get up and push themselves as long as you can get up and perform for yourself SHE will have your back along the way.